My goals


As the primary ends, I’m wanting to let everyone know some more about me and my goals. As I head into the election, I’m just wanting to reassure everyone that my goal as an independent candidate are concrete. I will not let anyone try and have me vote a party line or sway my way of thinking. As an independent I will be able to focus on the needs and right of the people instead of what party politics are planning to do.  If I win the seat as congressman, then I have committed to several goals. One of my top priorities are to repel Obamacare and return money that has been taken back to the Medicare system. I will fight any legislation that will further damage or attempt to get rid of the Medicare system, social security or disability. Some may not understand my deminer on why this is such an importance, but it has been threatened already. I would like to get cannabis legal on a federal level with stipulations such as potency and age level and taxes. With this being done it will allow individual states to decide if they want to legalize it for their state. As a proud Texan I will defend our 2nd amendment, that is a priority for me. As well as being a pro life supporter. 

My beliefs and stand points


I know that our country has national debt, I will fight for real legislation that will aid in reducing it with out compromising our programs that are needed for the people. As I have mentioned previously our elderly are being targeted by several people. Some have purposely taken the standpoint on trying to abolish Medicare and SSI. These are important programs that the government provide that would do more harm than good if lost. As for my stance on being Pro Life, I do believe in exceptions. I am a believer in the heartbeat law, this law states that when the heartbeat is heard at or around 10-12 weeks according to most medical books that you can not have an abortion. When a woman is raped it’s a tragedy and most women do not come forward about what has happened to them. After having spoke with several women to hear their opinions on the matter. I believe that the morning after of plan B pill should not be taken away and kept for these women that have not been able to seek out medical attention. The way it gets tricky is when there are medical conditions that can cause tragic situations leading to life or death for mother or baby. In situation like these I feel that a medical professional would be deemed necessary to make that decision. I by no right have the authority to say rather its medically necessary to save the life of the mother. Another belief of mine is a touchy subject the 2ndamendment. As a Texan I believe that we have the right to bear arms. I have seen the news and the tragic situations with all these shooting. I have also seen how they are always blamed on the gun. The issues with the growing numbers of shooting have little to with the laws and mental health which both parties are blaming. I believe that it’s the rapid change in our culture and the fact that people are losing compassion for each other. Yes, I’m sure that mental health plays an issue for some of the shootings but not everyone. Having stricter gun laws will decrease the amount of people that get new guns but that can be good in some eyes and bad. When people go buy a gun their first though is not who should I go shoot today, its I’m going to shoot and get might sight correct. Then either go hunting or the need to possibly protect my family if the situation ever arises. The last time we had strict gun law such as the assault weapon ban in 1994 there was a bombing less than a year later along with multiple shootings worldwide. Now with this being said, I’m not saying that this caused the bombing, but it shows that even with these stricter gun laws it will not keep someone from harming someone else. It can be looked along with street drugs. Even though they are illegal does not mean that people will not be able to get them. The stricter laws will keep the ones that choose to protect their homes with a gun, which will lead to more innocent deaths in that aspect. Another topic that I have been asked multiple times is about my religious beliefs. I do believe in God and his son Jesus Christ. When I pray I do so to give thanks for what I have and what they have done in my life. There are so many different religions out there today and I will not condemn anyone for their beliefs. I choose to praise God in my own way and have a very strong outlook for my beliefs. 

A little bit about little ole me.

I'm a typical average person trying to live the American Dream. When I grew up we moved around a lot so I got to see so much of our beautiful state. I got a job at a young age as a Certified Nursing Aide at a local nursing home in Bastrop T.X.. Working with the elder helped me to realize how much the world has changed. I loved the job and the residents but as a single man in a growing society I needed the money. I moved to Midland and became a "Rough neck". I spent almost 10 years in the oil field until my son was born. I then decided to move to the small town of Brady Texas. Once here I became the maintenance manager of local nursing home Brady West where I still currently work.  At this point in my life I'm very worried about the future, and I fear where the government is going. This made me decide to stand up for what I believe in, like grandma always said nothing changes if you don't fight for what you believe in. With all the many things I have learned from working with the elder and being a average person who can relate and knows the struggles of not only my family but my neighbors also. I Jeffery Cady want to have you vote and your support when it comes to making this world a better place for us and our children. I am always available for any questions and feed back that you have. No question is too small or stupid, ask away and I will answer you in a timely manner. 

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