The people need to be properly represented in our government.

The people need to be properly represented in our government.

The people need to be properly represented in our government.The people need to be properly represented in our government.The people need to be properly represented in our government.


Fix Medicare benefits for the elderly 

Be free and independent of party politics 

Truly voice the  peoples  Beliefs before my own 

 Legalize marijuana so it can be regulated and taxes appropriated 

Fight needless spending 

Protect every  constitutional rights and bill of rights 

A little bit about little ole me.

I'm a typical average person trying to live the American Dream. When I grew up we moved around a lot so I got to see so much of our beautiful state. I got a job at a young age as a Certified Nursing Aide at a local nursing home in Bastrop T.X.. Working with the elder helped me to realize how much the world has changed. I loved the job and the residents but as a single man in a growing society I needed the money. I moved to Midland and became a "Rough neck". I spent almost 10 years in the oil field until my son was born. I then decided to move to the small town of Brady Texas. Once here I became the maintenance manager of local nursing home Brady West where I still currently work.  At this point in my life I'm very worried about the future, and I fear where the government is going. This made me decide to stand up for what I believe in, like grandma always said nothing changes if you don't fight for what you believe in. With all the many things I have learned from working with the elder and being a average person who can relate and knows the struggles of not only my family but my neighbors also. I Jeffery Cady want to have you vote and your support when it comes to making this world a better place for us and our children. I am always available for any questions and feed back that you have. No question is too small or stupid, ask away and I will answer you in a timely manner. 

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